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The Love and Safety Club was created by 1996 ECMA Children's Artist of the Year, Duncan Wells. The Club is designed to educate children on a variety of safety topics including buckling up, looking both ways before crossing the street, water, fire and bicycle safety, dealing with strangers, the bullies on the school ground, keeping bad secrets and more. It, also, offers parents and educators a viable alternative to other less effective methods of safety education for their children and students. The Love and Safety Club's concept is simple: By using music and a child's natural ability to commit "fun" words to memory,/u>, children are offered the opportunity to learn basic safety skills in whatever environment they choose.

We invite you to listen to our collection of safety songs or visit The Love & Safety Club Coloring Pages. You can read comments from those teachers who have piloted The Love & Safety Club Program and you can check out our Instruction Page which explains in three easy steps exactly how you can go about installing The Love & Safety Club in your classroom.

The Love & Safety Club was created and recorded by Duncan Wells.
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