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Step By Step Instructions

The Love & Safety Club was designed to help educate children on safety related issues that effect them on a day to day basis. By using music and a child's natural ability to committ fun words to memory and by dedicating just 30 minutes each week, teachers can bring The Love & Safety Club directly into their classroom. This page explains the very basic structure of a Love & Safety Club meeting while, at the same time, leaving much room for Teachers to improvise and offer their own creative input. In order to properly conduct this fun and effective safety education program in your school you will require a copy of the recording, The Love & Safety Club, along with enough membership cards for each child in your class. The first time purchase of this recording means, with proper care, you will never have to purchase it again. If you would like to find out how to purchase The Love & Safety Club In-Class Safety Education Program you must return to The Love & Safety Club's Homepage.

The Three Steps To Conducting An In Class Love & Safety Club Meeting

To hear either Welcome To The Club or The Bullies On The School Ground please click on the title when you arrive at it - Streaming Real Audio.

Step One: Calling The Meeting To Order - 5 minutes

Every meeting begins with The Love & Safety Club Promise being recited line by line by the teacher with the classroom repeating each line back in response. This is the Official Love & Safety Club Promise. It's purpose is to create a Club House environment so the children will feel empowered and committed, as a group, to discuss those safety issues that effect them most on a day to day basis. It is hoped that members will learn the words to The Love & Safety Club Promise by heart. The Love & Safety Club Promise, found on the back of every membership card, has been purposely written into the Welcome To The Club song so that the combination of music and safety is further reinforced with a promise to keep safe.

Step Two: Safety Discussion - 10 minutes

Assuming the presenter has decided to use the songs as they appear on The Love & Safety Club recording, immediately following the promise, Welcome To The Club - the opening song - is selected and played. The children should be asked to pay close attention to the song. Once the song has been played, prepared questions should be asked by the presenter. In this instance one question that relates perfectly to Welcome To The Club is:

As members of The Love & Safety Club, what does the song say we should do?

The presenter might choose to ask the above question before playing the song. The answers to the above question are contained in the words of the song the children just finished listening to. Here is a complete listing of all correct answers:

  • Always wear a bicycle helmet
  • Make sure your laces are tied
  • Never throw rocks
  • Look both ways
  • Stop Look and Listen
  • Never take candy from a stranger
  • Never wander off alone
  • Never go anywhere near electricity
  • Make sure we know where all the exits are
  • Never touch a match or lighter
  • Make sure we lock the doors at night
  • Stop, Drop and Roll
  • Never tell anyone on the telephone that we are home alone

    Listing responses on a blackboard or flip chart as given from a show of hands will help move the meeting into the discussion stage where more related questions will become obvious.

  • Why should we wear a helmet when we drive our bicycle?
  • Why should we make sure our laces are tied?
  • Why should we never throw rocks?
  • Etc...

    By asking such questions concerning safety the children are offered the opportunity to give input into helping find a solution to those safety related issues that affect them most, be it minor scrapes and injuries, bullies or careless playground accidents.

    For other songs appearing on the recording, a classroom discussion can be generated simply by asking a basic question such as:

    "Can anyone tell me what the song is about?"

    In step two, Teachers are left to their own judgement on which type of question to put forward to the group for discussion. There could have been a recent accident in the community that might be worthy of discussion. Someone may have witnessed a recent bullying or rock-throwing incident that needs to be addressed. For songs such as The Bullies On The School Ground teachers can ask the children what they think can be done to help stop the bully problems that exist at your school. No matter the question asked, be sure to take note of their responses.

    Step Three: Safety Related Activities - 15 minutes

    Step Three of The Love & Safety Club Meeting simply involves a creative activity that is directly related to the song that was played. Although it is not necessary to do so, it is suggested that each song and safety topic be presented in the order in which they appear on the recording. Here, in order of their appearance on the recording are the Song Titles and few suggested classroom activities that work in relationship to the song topic. Please note that instead of using the suggested activities, Teachers have the opportunity to present an activity of their own design if they wish.

    Safety Related Activities

    Welcome To The Club: Various Safety Topics

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture that relates to any one of the safety topics that are mentioned in the song

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of what you think The Love & Safety Club House should look like

    Kayakin: Water Safety

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of yourself staying safe:
    a) at the beach or
    b) in a boat

    Safety List: Make a list of things you should take to the beach to help keep you safe.

    Buckle Up: Seat Belt Safety

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of yourself sitting in the back seat of a car.

    Safety List: How many things can you think of doing or not doing to stay safe while driving in the car?

    Blame It On A Matchstick: Fire Safety

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of a boy, a man and a matchstick

    Safety List: Make one list of things that can put out a fire. Make a second list of things that can catch fire.

    Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?: Accidents Happen

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of yourself either falling down, getting your finger jammed in the door or banging you nose off the wall.

    Safety List: Make a list of all of the parts of your body that you have ever cut, scraped or bruised.

    Whoa Nellie: Dangerous Running

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw a picture of Nellie running through the house.

    Safety List: Make a list of all the things that can happen to a person who doesn't slow down.

    Kiss The Hurt Away: Having Someone Around Who Cares

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of yourself with a bandaid on your knee.

    Love List: Make a list of all the people who can help make you feel better if you hurt yourself.

    I Have A Secret: Keeping Bad Secrets

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of yourself whispering a secret to a friend.

    Secret List: Make a list of good secrets. Make a list of bad secrets.

    Special Secret Envelope: Material needed is an envelope, a piece of paper, crayons, glue and sparkles. Write the words "Special Secret" on the outside of the envelope and decorate the envelope with colored drawings and sparkles. On the piece of paper write your most important secret. Do not write your name anywhere on the paper or on the envelope. Place your secret inside the envelope and seal it. Give your Special Secret Envelope to some one you trust as a gift.

    The Bullies On The School Ground: The Bully Problem

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of a bully that you know who is hurting somebody.

    Bully List: Make a list of all the things bullies on your school ground usually do to other people.

    Michael's Rhyme: Hot Water and Other Types Of Burns

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a picture of a candle.

    Safety List: Make a list of all those things in your kitchen that can cause you to get burned.

    Shine: Being Special

    Drawing & Coloring Activity: Draw and color a page of stars. Write your name in the middle of every one of them.

    Love List: Make a list of all the people you care about.

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