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Teacher's Comments

The Love & Safety Club In-Class Program has been piloted in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Arizona, Connecticut, Texas, Nevada, North Carolina and Guam

Region: North Sydney
School: Gannon Road Elementary
Grades: Primary, One, Two & Three
Teachers: Sheila MacNeil and Lauretta Balderson

The interest of our students was caught in the melodies, rhythm and the voices of the children who sang on the songs. The safety messages were then easily heard. What our students liked most was the music, the beat and they readily joined in with the singing. They were eager to participat, took The Love & Safety Club Promise seriously and they learned the promise by heart.

As teachers, we feel The Love & Safety Club not only helped to reinforce our students safety skills but it taught them new skills in dealing with strangers and in understanding that they should not keep bad secrets. The Love & Safety Club Membership Cards caused the children to feel as if they belonged. The songs encouraged sharing and the children took ownership of the words quickly.

A Note From Lauretta Balderson

As soon as the students heard children's voices they tuned in fast. The songs were catchy but informative and reinforced the safety messages we already teach. The children were eager to share some of their own experiences such as strangers on the phone, being alone or lured with candy, secrets that are good and adults they should trust.

There was an excellent discussion with the Grade Two and Three Classes. As a teacher I particularly liked the song which told each child he/she was a star - Shine. The children were smiling and singing that particular song for many days. It is still one of the classes favourites.

Thank you! An excellent tool for enhancing life lessons wee ones need to know.!

Region: Middle River
School: Middle River School
Grades: Primary, One & Two
Teacher: Ruth MacDonald

The Love & Safety Club was easy to install. As a teacher I personally enjoyed the program. The children loved the music most and it's easy flow covered safety topics, some of which are difficult to bring up. I felt The Love & Safety Club helped to reinforce my students safety skills

I used Mr. Wells' music last year and again this year. I find it is useful in that I use different safety topic songs depending upon what I'm covering in class. It is excellent!

Region: Bras D'Or
School: Bras D'Or Elementary
Grade: One
Teacher: Irene Howley

The Love & Safety Club was easy to install and, as a teacher, I personally enjoyed the program. What I liked most is that it covered such a wide variety of safety issues that we talk about in class. The children were eager to participate, they took The Love & Safety Club Promise seriously but it was the songs they liked most. They were easy to learn and the melodies were very catchy. I feel The Love & Safety Club helped to reinforce their safety skills and feel, also, that they learned a few new ones, most notably, boating safety, from the song Kayakin. The Love & Safety Club is a program I would recommend to other teachers.

Region: North Sydney
School: Seton Elementary
Grade: Primary
Teacher: Debbie MacDonald

It was the range of topics covered by The Love & Safety Club that I liked most about the program. The songs were catchy and the lyrics were very easy for young students to remember. The children liked the music the best and the fact that the songs were up-beat. They especially enjoyed Welcome To The Club, and Shine made them feel special. They were eager to participate, they took The Love & Safety Club Promise seriously and they learned new safety strategies for dealing with bullies - especially helpful to introduce at the Primary level.

I used the music during Circle Time to promote classroom discussion about many of the topics that are featured in the various songs contained on The Love & Safety Club recording. An excellent program that I would definately recommend to other teachers!

Nova Scotia

Region: Cape Breton Island
School: South Bar Elementary - Grade One
Teacher: Tammy Aucoin

One of the units to be covered in the Grade One Health Program is Safety Hazards and Rules. I began to look for resources that would be suitable for this topic and grade level as there is no set text. I found several pamphlets, activity books and movies that dealt with this topic. Then, I remembered your CD, The Love & Safety Club, and thought I would listen to it and perhaps use some of the songs as teaching material.

It was at this point that your lesson plans on the internet were brought to my attention. Once I reviewed the lessons and the topics covered I knew that it would be a perfect teaching resource for this unit and, so, I immediately began using the music and lessons as the entire unit for the topic.

The Love & Safety Club definately meets the requirements of this topic in the Health Curriculum of the Grade One Program. We really enjoyed using the Love & Safety Club In-Class Program along with listening to and learning the songs. The children came away feeling proud not only of the work they had accomplished but proud, also, of being members of The Love & Safety Club.

Very little preparation was required for The Love & Safety Club. There was no need for excess material - only paper and tape.

The idea of being a member of a club made the children's learning of the safety topics "special". They were very eager to receive the Love & Safety Club Membership Cards and extremely proud to be members. Although I handed out the membership cards at the beginning of the program I think handing them out upon the completion would have been just as effective and would also have served as a kind of "graduation" for the children.

Not only did the children enjoy the music but so did I. The children often sang along and danced. The songs became a great source of enthuasiam and anticipation where students could not wait to hear what the next song and safety topic would be.

The children enjoyed participating in all of the classroom discussions and expressing their ideas on each safety topic. I chose to have the children turn their safety related artwork into project books. These books became a source of great pride for the children.

Along with choosing to have the children make safety project books with their artwork I also chose to play the songs from The Love & Safety Club in a manner that caused them to recall what we had learned from our last club meeting. For instance, on the third day I would play the safety song from day one and day two and then I would play the third safety song and we would begin work on that particular safety topic. On the final day I played the CD in it?s entirety.


Region: Toronto
School: Courcelette Public School - Grade Two
Teacher: Holly Pennington

The Love & Safety Club was easy to install as an In-Class safety program and is a worthwhile education program for Primary Grades inparticular. This program would be good to start the year off and for in the middle of the school term as well. It fits into the new Ontario Physical Health and Safety Curriculum under the following expectations:

  • Grade One - "Recognize safety risks and safe practices".
  • Grade Two - "Outline safety rules and safe practices".
  • Grade Three - "List safety procedures and practices in the home, school and community".

    As well, The Love & Safety Club can be integrated into other cirriculum such as Visual Arts, Music and Language Arts.

    The Love & Safety Club made learning safety rules fun for the students. It exposed them to different musical sounds and components. What the children seemed to like best about the program was the "up-beatness" of the music - especially in songs such as Kayakin and Buckle Up and the flow and sweetness of Blame It On A Matchstick.

    The Love & Safety Club Membership Cards provided a hands-on/tangible means and evidence for the students which encouraged and strengthened their sense of belonging. It also provided an excitement and anticipation to do their best in order to receive the card.


    Region: Tamuning
    School: L.B.J. Elementary School - Kindergarten
    Teacher: Christine M. Cruz

    From the moment that I introduced The Love & Safety Club to my kindergarten students, they were ecstatic! When I received my packet in the mail we couldn't wait to get started. We have been using the program for a while now and it looks like there is just no stopping. The Love & Safety Club should be a part of every school curriculum because of it's direct points, upbeat and up to date kind of music and it's offering of exposure to a variety of safety ideas. My opinion is that children are intrigued by units of this sort.

    As a teacher I liked everything about The Love & Safety Club, especially the whole idea of making it into a unit. It was easy to install, the children were eager to participate and it really did help to reinforce those safety skills the children already had. They also learned new safety skills from the Kayak song. My students took The Love & Safety Club promise seriously and learned it and The Love & Safety Club Membership Cards provided something concrete for the children to "own". It gave them a feeling of belonging to be in possession of the card.

    Although we were only asked to implement this program for 4 weeks, my students and I will continue it until the end of the school year. Afterall, safety is very important! I would recommended this program to anyone.


    Region: Paradise Valley
    School: Solel School - Kindergarten
    Teacher: Tobee Waxenberg

    The Love & Safety Club was easy to install as an In-Class safety program and I would recommend it to any teacher who is looking for a worthwhile safety education program for his or her students.

    As a teacher I enjoyed the music and lyrics. The students loved the music but enjoyed The Love & Safety Club activities as well. They were not only eager to participate but they took The Love & Safety Club Promise very seriously.

    Overall, The Love & Safety Club is a very good safety education program. The music is great, the chorus' were very easy to learn and the children loved to dance to it. I look forward to expanding The Love & Safety Club in my class next year.


    Region: Austin
    School: Summer Camp of Wells Branch Community Center
    Teacher: Meg Villarreal

    The original songs that make up The Love & Safety Club lured the children into the learning process. The safety issues dealt with in song were about real problems and problems that our children deal with regularly. Many of the safety topics dealt with things our children have actually encountered already in their young lives.

    The younger ones enjoyed receiving The Love & Safety Club Membership Cards along with taking part in the coloring and drawing activities. The older children appreciated the songs more after reading the lyrics where they discovered that these issues were about things they could personally relate to. It was the combination of songs and activities that made The Love & Safety Club a valuable tool and an effective method of educating our children on important safety issues. I would most definately recommend The Love & Safety Club to teachers and parents everywhere.


    Region: Spring Creek
    School: Sage Elementary - Kindergarten
    Teacher: Jackie Oliphant

    The children in my Kindergarten Classroom were eager to participate in The Love & Safety Club. They not only learned The Love & Safety Club Promise but they took the promise seriously. The program helped to reinforce their present safety skills and taught them new skills concerning safety around strangers. The Love & Safety Club Membership Cards played a significant role in the program, helping the children feel quite mature and serious about the club.

    As a teacher, what I liked most about The Love & Safety Club was ease of implementation and the enthusiasm of the kids. The children not only enjoyed memorizing the songs but they also delighted in seeing a picture of Duncan Wells, the creator of The Love & Safety Club who also performs all of the songs contained on The Love & Safety Club CD. I enjoyed teaching The Love & Safety Club to my children. It was a great way to end the day. We usually did a Love & Safety Club Session once a week. My kids were able to remember the songs, the pledge and, more importantly, the safety issues taught. I think this is a great program geared toward younger kids. Bravo!


    Region: North Grosvenordale, Connecticut
    School: Mary R. Fisher Elementary - Preschool
    Teacher: Ellen Jones

    The Love & Safety Club was easy to install, the music was fun and engaging and the lyrics are easily understood, even for 4 year olds. The children were eager to participate, they loved the songs and especially enjoyed saying their Love & Safety Club Promise. The Love & Safety Club Membership Cards played a significant role in this program. The children felt proud of themselves for earning them and having the cards to take home with the written promise on the back helped connect home and school. Due to the fact that we have continued to play the songs in our classroom on a daily basis the children are now able to sing along with many of them.

    I had a very difficult time finding appropriate safety curriculum ideas for my 4 year old students. I was very pleased to come across The Love & Safety Club on the internet! The ideas and themes are in line with what I was already teaching my class and I was so happy to find music to go along with my discussions and projects.

    The Love & Safety Club meets the present Health and Safety Curriculum standards of the State of Connecticut and I would recommend this program to any teacher. Thank you so much for sharing your program with me. Please keep me informed about any new programs you have regarding the safety of all of our children!

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