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The Elephant Two-Step
Kiss The Hurt Away
Whoa Nellie
The Bullies On The School Ground
You Are The One
I Have A Secret


Sally The
Magnificent Cow

Absulum The
Reindeer Elf

More Songs

Buckle Up
Have You Ever Had
One Of Those Days?

Blame It On A

Tell Me That You
Love Me

Christmas Songs

I Wish You Were Here For Christmas
A Puppy Dog Tale
Me & Theresa Underneath The Mistletoe
That Is What I Want For Christmas
Ring Them Bells

All material at Dunkle Unkin's For Kids was written, performed and recorded by Duncan Wells and is here for your listening enjoyment. Parents and teachers who have any comments or questions concerning the material at this site are welcomed to leave a message in Dunkle Unkin's Guestbook. Any messages requiring a reply will be responded to as soon as possible.

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