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The Elephant Two-Step
Clap Your Hands Give A Hoot
Ladder To The Sky
Animal Language
See Saw Song
Welcome To The Club
Buckle Up
The Bullies On The School Ground
Tell Me That You Love Me
Johnny Was So Good
Just Like Mom Just Like Dad
A Nice Pair Of Shoes
You Are The One
Whoa Nellie
I Have A Secret
Michael's Rhyme
Kiss The Hurt Away
Apple In A Tree
Blame It On A Matchstick
Every Little Problem Of Mine
Sailing To Bermuda
We Don't Know The Answer
Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?

Duncan Wells
Song Lyrics

To the left you will discover links to almost my entire collection of recorded songs for children. To the right you will find those which lead to all of the songs that were recorded for adults along with many others which have been recorded as demos either at home or in professional recording studios.

copyright 1998
Duncan Wells All rights reserved.
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Within A Storm Of Life
My Disgrace
As The Circle Continues
Sittin' Next To You
My Dear Friend
I Don't Want You To Stay
Home Again
Guitar Man On A Runaway Train
On Our Way
I Really Can't Remember At All
When Angels Brush Their Hair
When She's Gone
Bras D'Or
I Dreamed I Died And Went To Heaven - Dedicated To The Memory Of John Morris and Tara Lynn
County Town
Tiny Boats
The Last Tango In Mabou
Small Town Wind
Nobody Knew I Was There
Tears Of Joy
From A Rocking Chair
When The Band Played At Tylers
Said It With A Bongo
Isn't That Exactly Like You
The Rest Of My Life
Counting Your Blessings In Twos
The Patriot Well
Molly Dear

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