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The Invisible Morrison Jeffrey

~ Dress Rehearsal ~

Photo Credits: Dr. David Sneddon
Thank you to the UCCB Dramagroup for making
these available to us.


Susan Gallop, Cathy Theriault and Sue
Missus Smith, Missus Jeffrey and Missus
Gordon discuss the up-coming Christmas pageant.

Angus Capstick and Bruce Cathcart
Mayor Callahan tells Hilton Hayworth III
about the ruby and the pencil nub that were
found at the crime scene.

Angus Capstick and Josie Sobol

Jessica and Hilton in an argument
that tells of two pathetic people
involved in a relationship that is
destined to self destruct.

Bruce Cathcart, George Howie and Angus
Mayor Callahan, Mister Barmen and
Hilton Hayworth III in a down town
meeting of the minds. Power and authority
is what it's all about.

Danielle and Liam
Danielle Mombourquette and
Liam Moore as the soldier
who returned home from war.

Cathy Theriault and John
Missus Jeffrey folds while Morrison
explains to her everything he knows
about privacy and ownership.

Stephen MacLean and Josie Sobol
Hilton Hayworth's lawyer plays
a losing game of Anything You Can
Do I Can Do Better, with Jessica.

Susan Gallop, and Sue Roberts
Missus Smith, and Missus Gordon
in one of their, now famous, down town scenes.

John Ratchford
~ Ode To A Housefly ~
Morrison captures a fly and
uses it to speak aloud about
the oddities of all human
kind - our thoughts, our
prayers, our germs, and
our equal treatment by God.

George Howie
Mister Barmen rehearses his May-Me-Mi-Mo-Moos
Cathy Theriault and Rachel
Missus Jeffrey greets Patricia the Maid
in front of Morrison's news stand.
Ashleen D'Orsay and John Ratchford
Morrison babysits Tessa.

Jason Kempt

Father Peck asks for God's assistance
during the choir scene.


George Howie

Mister Barmen stops in front of his dry cleaning
shop to look directly into the camera.
An extremely talented, and extremely bent individual.
Thanks for hanging in George! Your're too cool!


The Invisible Morrison Jeffrey