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The Invisible
Morrison Jeffrey

~ Back Stage ~

Josie Sobol
~ The Incredible Josie Sobol ~
A brilliant actress, the sweet-heart
of my rodeo, and one of Cape Breton
Island's undiscovered treasures.

Sue Roberts,
Cathy Theriault, Susan Gallop and Rachel MacKinnon
~ The Girls ~
The girls put on their best lipstick
in this closing night photograph.

Cathy Theriault, Robyn Aucoin, Mairi Conrad
and Jessica Crowe
~ Cathy Theriault ~
The lovely Missus Jeffrey poses
backstage with three of our younger
cast members. Robyn Aucoin, Mairi
(pronounced "Mad-ah") Conrad,
and Jessica Crowe.

Rachel MacKinnon
~ Rachel MacKinnon ~
How inspired I am by this smile, this
person, this talent, this gentle, and
wonderfully gifted young woman.

Susan Gallop and Sue Roberts
~ Susan Gallop & Sue Roberts ~
Missus Smith and Missus Gordon get
close. Two beautiful people and one
new found friendship. The streets
of Beldune will miss you both.
And so will I.

The Invisible Morrison Jeffrey