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The Invisible
Morrison Jeffrey

~ Back Stage Photos~

Frazer Andrews, Bruce Cathcart and Stephen
~ Frazer Andrews, Bruce Cathcart & Stephen MacLean ~
The Mayor of Beldune flanked by two of Hilton
Hayworth's lawyers as they wait to take the stage.

Theresa and Duncan
~ Theresa & Duncan ~
A guy, his guitar, a bench, a fictional town, and
the woman he loves. Moments before this
picture was taken I played Theresa a
song I wrote for her called, "Isn't
That Exactly Like You".

Peter Hubley
~ Peter Hubley ~
Peter played the role of the Hayworth lawyer
who presented the false evidence that led
to the hanging of Jessica Hayworth
for a crime she did not commit. Peter is
a singer of songs, and the father of Tessa.

Josie Sobol
~ Jessica Hayworth ~
The gold-digging Jessica Hayworth
prepares herself for what will
be a 10 year journey to the gallows.

Danielle Mombourquette and Sue Roberts
~ Danielle & Sue ~
I was so pleased to see that someone was able to
capture my beautiful niece, Danielle, backstage
with Missus Jeffrey. You have no idea how much I love
you Danielle! You are an inspiration to my writing
and a family treasure. We will work together
again. Cross my heart and promise!( - :

Duncan Wells
~ Duncan ~
I have no idea what inspired
this evil-smile. Someone pointed
a camera at me and this was
the best I could come up with?
Gawd!! Shoot me please!

Cathy Theriault
~ Missus Jeffrey ~
Cathy knits while
awaiting the arrival of the
ship that will take her to
the new world.

Rachel MacKinnon
~ Patricia The Maid ~
Rachel strikes a thoughtful dressing
room pose for Missus Smith

Ashleen D'Orsay, John Ratchford and
~ Tessa, Morrison & Tessa ~
John Ratchford finally found
his way out of character to
pose, as himself, with Morrison Jeffrey's
two best friends. Thank you for
your incredible talent, John.

Josie Sobol
~ The Scarlet Woman ~
Jessica Porter-Hayworth goes out in style
in this red-ruffled number. Within the hour, Father
Peck was saying a prayer over her grave.

Maureena Cooke
~ Maureena Cooke ~
When Maureena came on board as our
costume designer, 50% of my worries
disappeared just like that!
Her hard work and professionalism
is truly inspiring.

Rachel MacKinnon
~ Rachel ~
Patricia The Maid in a dramatic
pose only moments before she
goes off to purchase underwear
for Hilton Hayworth III

The Invisible Morrison Jeffrey