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The Invisible
Morrison Jeffrey

~ Back Stage Photos ~

Cathy Theriault, Susan Gallop and Sue
~ Cathy, Susan & Sue ~
It sort of looks like girls night out
at the parish Tea & Sale, don't ya think?
The Three Wise Women of Beldune pose in
costume on closing night.

Susan Gallop, Rachel MacKinnon and Cathy
~ Susan, Rachel & Cathy ~
Rachel is tickled pink to be stuck between these two
incredibly fun people. Cathy was my driving wheel
for pretty much every day during the last two
weeks before opening night along with every night
during the six night run. Thanks hon!

Sue Roberts and Susan Gallop
~ Sue & Susan ~
Sue Roberts and Susan Gallop in this 1937
photograph. The lovely Missus Roberts was
suggested by Josie back when we were casting
the play. What a discovery! What a professional!
Thank you so much Sue!

Cathy Theriault and Susan Gallop
~ Cathy Theriault & Susan Gallop ~
Susan has spent much of her life working
as a creative dance instructor with children
and young adults. She runs the Cape
Breton School Of Dance, but her talents
go far beyond that. What a pleasure it was
to have worked with her and to be a part
of her creative life.

Rachel MacKinnon
~ Rachel MacKinnon ~
Rachel took the small role of Patricia
The Maid and turned it into something big,
and very special. Thank you Rachel!

Sarah Weston
~ Sarah Weston ~
I never really got to know her, but
Sarah was like the "hair angel". She
seemed to have fallen out of the sky
to take care of hair and make up. I
couldn't believe my luck. Thank you Sarah!

The Invisible Morrison Jeffrey